Wallpapers – New

Welcome to Monday!  I thought that while posting my two most recent wallpapers that it might be fun to try and give you an idea of how they came into being.

Wallpaper One: Keeping Washington Safe

On Friday I sat down with the concept of Lee being a spy and how I could relate that in a wallpaper.  It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted him against a backdrop of Washington so off I went through my caps and found the one I wanted (I particularly love the fact that there is a couple under an umbrella just visible in the foreground of this). Getting a cap of Lee that I was happy with was a bit tougher and I went through a few before hitting on this one.  As far as the text was concerned, I wanted it to have his name and then something simple to allude to him being a spy, thus the “Keeping Washington Safe”.

Keeping Washington Safe


Wallpaper Two: Breaking Inside

I have always loved the episode, Night Crawler (then again, who doesn’t lol?) and it is one that draws me back time and time again on the graphics front.  This time I wanted to do a wallpaper using a couple of shots from the scene in Billy’s office.  I love the angst of it, Lee’s fear for Amanda and his need to find her and get her back no matter what it takes. He is, however, also reminded of the fact that his first loyalty is to his source – something which he doesn’t need to be told as he knows this only too well.  His personal, emotional world and his professional world are colliding and that  is what I aimed to capture here.

Breaking Inside

Sarah x


3 thoughts on “Wallpapers – New”

  1. whoooooo gorgeous as always Lovesmk! thanks for sharing!!

    I especially like the intense look you found of Lee in the first one..
    and the incorporation of the baddie note about ‘the woman’ in the second! 🙂
    Hope you are well!

  2. Hello! It’s so lovely to hear from, you. I need to email you to catch up (been way too long). Aww, thank you re the wallpapers (and for the lovely comment you made about the icons). I am glad you like them. After too long away from it, I have fallen back in love with graphic-making :
    ) :).

  3. Hiya Lovesmk! gah! I thought I’d get an email telling me you responded.. so sorry I missed this!

    Yes email me please.. I’ve lost all my email addresses from computers crashing etc.. It would be lovely to hear from you 🙂

    Soooo great to hear you have fallen in love with graphic making again – you have such a talent for it 🙂

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