Favourite Near Miss Kiss Scene

I was going through some old files on my computer and I found some notes I made a couple of years ago concerning my favourite moments which I wrote for the SMK Yuku Board (they have recently revived the thread) and I thought that I would dust them off, redo the graphics where necessary and post them here in this little space.  When I repost my relationship notes for Lee and Amanda there will doubtlessly be some overlap, but hopefully not too much.

Anyway, to start.  I have decided to kick off with the near miss kiss from Utopia Now.  It is, hands down, my favourite of them all, not only because they did get oh-so-close but also for the prelude to it – the conversation between them.

The fact that they have been running from Sacker and his men has led them to taking sanctuary in a swamp for the night.  Even though Amanda has come through with her “one match” and made sure they have some semblance of a fire to try and keep warm by, it really is too low for them to gain much heat from.  It is cold and dark and Amanda, for one, is feeling the chill.

Where Shadows Linger

It doesn’t take long for Lee to realise this (even though she doesn’t try to hide how she’s feeling) and he very nobly invites her to huddle against him, telling her that their body heat can help them both keep warm.  The ease into which Amanda moves into the circle of his arms, snuggling against his chest, and the naturalness with which Lee accepts her closeness and literally embraces it shows how comfortable they have now become with the other, especially when at this point their very solid friendship is very tentatively blossoming into something deeper.

JustTwoPeople2 copy

Protect You

It is not the ideal situation – after all, a swamp in the bitter cold with a gang of undesirables trying to track you down is hardly the most romantic scenario and yet as they huddle together the world seems to slowly narrow down to just the two of them.  It starts with Amanda’s admittance that she’s scared – something that Lee understands but tries to placate as best he can, although not without some sense of guilt in having put her into the situation in the first place.  Not that Amanda’s having any of it – she, after all, knew what she was getting into at the train station that day.  She certainly won’t allow Lee to feel guilty about it, although her mind is on more pressing matters – like the fact that they may not actually make it out of there alive.  And if they don’t….

Really am glad to have known you

She may have backed off from telling Lee how she feels about him at the last moment, perhaps fearing that he isn’t ready to hear it or that she will end up on the receiving end of “the speech” again (which she does later), but her own admission, though not what she really wanted to say, sparks off one from Lee as he tells her how much she has influenced the way he not only views other people but also himself.  It is quite an admittance for him, showing that he is slowly beginning to let his defences down and let her even further in.  It also creates that sense of the two of them being completely content with each other in that moment, despite the reasons they are there.  So when Lee gets a cramp (did he fake it?) and finds himself face to face with Amanda, the air between them becomes pretty charged pretty quickly.

The Sweetest Agony

Their eyes meet and hold, Lee begins to tighten his arm around her and slowly they move towards the other ready to kiss….

Surreder copy

Only they don’t get the chance to do more than barely touch the other’s lips as Sacker and his men suddenly intrude upon the moment, shattering it completely in a hail of gunfire aimed roughly in their direction, forcing them to dive for cover behind some rocks.

A Moment Shattered


As Danger Nears

The moment is well and truly lost, the priority of just trying to keep out of sight and alive back to being their main focus.

2 thoughts on “Favourite Near Miss Kiss Scene”

  1. Oh yeah i agree that was the sweetest near miss kiss i’ve ever seen on television.
    Thanks to have revived it so well Sarah.
    You certainly gave me some good FEELS here 🙂


  2. Wow Wow Wow!!!! Thanks for sharing lovesmk!

    ‘the sweetest agony lies in the waiting’ – so true! for the characters.. and for us fans!
    That Lee and Amanda image in the bottom left corner of that image is amaaaaazing lovesmk!!!

    agree Severineric – definitely leaves us feelin good 😉

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