Lee & Amanda: Relationship Progression Notes (Pt2)



And so, for Amanda, having kindly agreed to help the man in the waiter’s uniform at the station, the morning has taken a rather different turn to the one she might have been expecting. She’s already had to get on a train she had no real desire to only to be faced with a carriage full of Shriners.  And, to top it all off, she’s had to explain to the ticket inspector just why she didn’t have a ticket – after all, who would willingly take a train journey in their nightgown?

Under this coat

Having returned home a dilemma now faces her.  What on earth should she do with the package?


It’s hardly as though she even knows how to get in touch with the man who gave it to her and after seeing him being set upon by the men at the station, she doesn’t have any idea if he is even all right.

So who was he?  And what was he doing with the package she has now found herself the unexpected custodian of?  All she knows is that the desperation in his eyes was too compelling to ignore, in spite of his curtness towards her.  Also, if it is really a matter of life and death – what does that mean for her??



Lee, meanwhile, finally makes it back to the agency, having managed to get away from the bad guys and keep the package from them.  However, he soon learns that Gudfrie, the agent who was supposed to get the package from the woman at the station has since turned up dead and package-less.  This unwelcome fact only serves to fuel Lee’s frustration.  What was supposed to be a simple mission has become rather more complicated.  What’s more, the doctor who attended Gudfrie confirms that he saw no-one before he died!  That means that something must have happened to prevent the lady he approached at the station from carrying out his instructions.

A New Reality

Has he put her in danger, having asked for her help?  When he thrust the package into her hand he hadn’t been thinking of her safety or the risk she was taking.  If the people who were after the package got to Gudfrie then they could possibly also have gotten to her too – or at least have her under surveillance.

A Life

Where Impulse leads

Dirk, the non-too-happy Head of Internal Affairs, is decidedly incensed that Lee broke all agency protocols by handing sensitive information to a civilian, whereas Lee immediate superior, Billy Melrose, is altogether calmer.  He just wants to know who the woman is.

Who is this woman Lee

Not that Lee can tell him.  He has no idea who she is either.  She was just a pretty face in the crowd who he, although he knows he can never explain why, found himself drawn to.


With the package now seemingly gone astray, he knows he needs to find her.  The trouble is, he has nothing to go on – not even her name.

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