My Icon Journal – Part One

When I started  experimenting and playing around in Photoshop Elements in about July 2010, I never dreamt that I would still be making graphics for the same show some six years later, let alone that I would have created so many of them.  I have a folder of my favourite icons totalling 300 which I intend to post here on the blog over several posts, but that is by no means the sum of the icons I have made over the years.  Certainly my first attempts were pretty dire and very sludgy in colour – basically because I had no real idea of what I was doing.  However, I kept going and kept trying to make each graphic – be it icon, banner or wallpaper – better than the last. I still aim to do that even now, just as I do with my music videos.  It is an ever-evolving process and I love the creativity of it.

2. Lean on Me (SMK) Betrayed (2) beauty beauty (1) BadDayIcon

BacktoAgency Awareness aware1 attentive (2) AtCafe

arrival anticipation AndSoSheDances amused copy amuse2

AMother'sPainAvvie Amazed amaze amandaicon32 AmandaIcon3

AmandaIcon2 amandab1 AmandaA amanda12 Amanda3Icon

Amanda3a (3) Amanda3 Amanda3 (6) amanda3 (4) amanda3 (2)

Amanda2a (3) Amanda2a (2) amanda2 (2) amanda2 (1) Amanda1Icon

amanda1-copy Amanda1a amanda1 amanda1 (1) amanda

Amanda (4) Amanda (3) Alone2 Alone ahead

ahead AftertheParty'sGone affair Adoration Abandoned


Do not modify, copy or alter these graphics in any way

Please do not hotlink

If taking, please credit me



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