Icons Journal – Part Two

So here’s Part Two of my icons journal.  These, like Part One, represent quite a number of years and in fact, I’ve just looked to see when I made my first batch of icons and it was July 2010!  Wow!  Where have the years gone???

Fear copy fear (2) faith fading expectation

expectant Everlasting emotion Drenched Dream

Dream (3) DonttellmewecantmakeitworkAvvie dismiss1 Discovered discord2

disbelief DISBELIEF (3) disbelief (2) Disappointed DespairIcon copy

despaira Desire Desire (2) Demure defeated1

Cool contemplate consider Consider (2) compliment copy

Comfort Comfort (2) come (2) Close Cheers

chasm caring car Captivated copy cantlet

Breathe2 Breathe Breathe (2) Bob2 Bob1-Avvie

bluebell betweenus

Please do not modify, alter or change these graphics in any way

If using, please credit

Please do not hotlink

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