Icon Textures

My icon textures are not something  I have ever thought to share until now. I am not really sure why; although it’s probably because they were something I just sat down and dabbled with on a couple of occasions and then just let sit on my hard-drive without thinking to let them see the light of day.  It seems a shame to just leave them there forgotten (I made most of my textures about three years ago) because they represent another part of my journey in graphic-making and exploration of texture/colour. These are some of the first I did and what I do remember is not really knowing what I was doing and just adding different colours/textures/effects until I thought they looked ok.  Looking at them now, I just wish I could remember the exact steps, but I never made a PSD file for them :(. So…I may need to do some more experimenting in the not too distant future LOL

Pink Dream:

Pinks6 Pinks5 Pinks4 Pinks3 Pinks2


Shades of Blue:

ShadesofBlue5 ShadesofBlue4 ShadesofBlue3 ShadesofBlue2 ShadesofBlue1


Autumn6 Autumn5 Autumn4 Autumn3 Autumn1

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