Favourite Conversation: We’re Off to See the Wizard

I have always loved the scene between Lee and Amanda in the outdoor cafe after Lee thinks he has seen Dorothy on the bus.  He’s already being swept along on an emotional rollercoaster ride – he’s been seeing Dorothy, he’s been arguing with Paul Barnes over the women who have recently been murdered and he’s had his past of playing free and loose with loads of women exposed by the number of black books he possesses.  On top of that, he’s had to deal with Amanda being in the killer’s sights when she went to visit one of the women from his said black books.  It’s not surprising then that he feels the need to talk to someone.

When You Need a Friend.

It is really quite sweet that they both know exactly to the month and day just how long they have known each other, although the conversation soon takes a more sombre tone as Lee slowly begins to open up about Dorothy.

Before I Met You

Amanda, for her part, doesn’t push him, but instead allows him the space and freedom to talk.

The First Time Id Ever Seen Somebody

Another Lifetime

She cannot, however, help but vehemently tell him that what happened to Dorothy is not his fault and that he really shouldn’t be the one to take the blame for it – especially as he was only twenty-four years old at the time.

As the Penny Drops

“I never told you I was twenty-four then,” Lee responds, realising that she has already done her own research and read the file on the case.

In fact he’s initially a bit miffed about it until Amanda tells him that she’s been worried about him.  “You act like you’re some kind of Superman, but you’re not a superman. You’re just a man. But a pretty special man.”

Her words hit Lee straight in the heart.  He is visibly touched.  The apology that Amanda tries to give him is quickly pushed aside.  “It’s important to me that you care,” he tells her. It’s certainly growing more and more important to him every day that passes.

Its important

This remark alone shows how far he’s come since they met.  There was a time when he would never have admitted such  a thing or told her the history behind his getting the “Scarecrow” codename.  It is such a painful and personal memory and yet he allows himself to share it with Amanda, recounting the details of the day Dorothy was killed.

the day of the fall

Amongst the Roses

It certainly stands in sharp contrast to a similar conversation they had about his codename in Magic Bus. The Lee of Season 1 was closed off, fighting off any inclination to be close to anyone. The Lee of Season 3 is now beginning to wholly embrace the idea that it’s ok to let someone through his armour and have someone care for him the way Amanda so obviously does.



One thought on “Favourite Conversation: We’re Off to See the Wizard”

  1. I have to say that I love a lot of moments of SMK. But this one is very special between Lee and Amanda, and I think it will be my prefered forever … ST

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