Icons Journal – Part Four

The journey continues here in Part Four of my icon journal.

ImpossibleDream idea Loner1 Listena

list Legend-Avvie1 LeeWetlook2avvie (2) LeeTux2

LeeStetson LeeIcon4 LeeIcon4 - need to make more interesting LeeIcon3

LeeIcon2 leeicon1a1 LeeB&W1 LeeandAmanda

leea leeA (4) lee5icon-copy Lee3 (2)

Lee2a lee2 L&A2 Lee1Avvie

LEE1a1 Lee1a (4) lee1A (3) lee1

Lee1 (4) Lee1 (2) Lee 2-colour  la11

la1 (1) L&AC L&A1 Kiss1

IOweYouADrink2 IntomyHeartAvvie Intimate Intense

Intense copy indecision


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