Favourite Cover Kiss: Ship of Spies

I have always loved this episode so it is no surprise that this kiss ranks as my best cover kiss.

It’s a ceremony which neither Lee or Amanda thought they would have to go through and Lee’s face in particular, as he stands in front of the priest, shows his discomfort at what is about to unfold. Amanda, herself looking a little nervous, more than once glances out of the corner of her eye at Lee, perhaps wondering if he will suddenly decide not go through with the wedding after all.

When You Are All I See

And yet, Lee does intend to go through with the marriage and after finally getting his act together and finding the ring, he turns to face Amanda to recite his vows and put the said ring on her finger, his eyes holding hers as he does so.

Unexpected Invitation

However, he does look slightly thrown by the priest announcing that he can kiss the bride. Reciting his vows is one thing, but having to actually kiss Amanda takes it to a far more personal and intimate level.  There again, they need to keep their cover authentic.

Silent Encouragement

And so, looking at Amanda as she (along with the priest) waits in silent anticipation of what is to come, Lee moves to carefully lift the veil from her face.

Leaves you breathless

They are both hesitant in that brief moment before, both fully aware of the other.  As Amanda gives him an encouraging smile he gives her an answering one of his own before he moves closer, both of them anticipating the moment that their lips will meet.

If it was meant to be a quick peck on the lips, over and done with in a matter of seconds, it certainly doesn’t turn out that way as they lose themselves in the other, surrendering to the moment between them.  One kiss becomes two, neither willing to let what they are each feeling slip away too soon.

Surrender to the Moment

One Kiss

They both look almost shocked – as though they have both been run through with a bolt of lightning – as they pull apart to look at each other. Like the kiss in Sudden Death, it is a moment of revelation, a tantalizing taste of what they could be together.  Neither really expects to feel anything and yet their expressions very clearly testify that they do.

When the Heart Speaks

For that all too brief moment as they study the other with a kind of awe, it is as though they are the only two people there – everyone else has just melted away.  It’s just Lee and Amanda.

As Fantasy Weaves its Silken Web

And then, just as quickly, reality chases the silence away and they are back to normal again.


The world fizzes into life around them and they resume their covers of newlyweds as they walk back down the aisle to get a drink (which it seems Lee in particular is in need of!).

And, because I really couldn’t resist doing it, here’s a little gif of their kiss 🙂


Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Sarah x

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