Icons Journal – Part Five

I have spent the past week working on a couple of music videos and have now completed first drafts of both with another video already in that first draft state, so I’ve had a productive week!  That always makes me happy 🙂 🙂

For now though, here’s Part Five of my icons journey on this Thursday afternoon.  The weather may be awful (where is summer?!?!?), but SMK always has the power to lift my spirits.  I hope it does yours :).

Scarecrow2 Scarecrow1 sauve2 sad

Run (3) Run (2) reveal rescue2

remember regret-copy Regret Regret (2)

ReadyforBed ReachingOut Point philipjamieicon41

philipjamie51 panic1 onemanandhisboar OneIcon,TwoTextures2

OneIcon,TwoTextures notlike Nightcrawler-Avatar6 Nightcrawler-Avatar1

Need MyTexturesIcon2 copy MyTexturesIcon1 copy MyEyeonYou copy

misery5 misery4 misery3 misery2

Misery memories (2) memorial22 Love

LosingYou lookoutpost Lookab lookatyou2

Look1 Look

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