My Other Non SMK Creative Work

I was thinking about this blog the other day and decided that maybe I would also put a little section on it dedicated to my non-SMK creative work.  It will take me a little time to amass it all from my various hard drives, but if you are ever interested in taking a look at what else I have done then please do take a look once I’ve posted.  For now though, here’s a little note about what is to come in this section.

Creativity has always played a big part in my life as a hobby.  When I was younger, from before my teens onwards, I used to spend every spare minute writing.  I loved being able to escape into a story and weave my way through it. The stories I wrote were often novel length as I seemed completely incapable of writing a short story, although I never shared them with anyone.  I just wrote them and then put them away in a cupboard.  However, it wasn’t until I watched the English TV series “North & South” adapted from the Victorian novel by Elizabeth Gaskell that I decided to write my first fanfiction story to share on the internet.  This was a scary prospect indeed!  I can still remember that “Oh my god, what am I doing” moment when I hit the post button on my computer for the first time.  I had never shared my work with anyone before so it was a major step for me.  I suppose it was me being brave.  In my real life, no-one (except my husband) actually really knows that I have written this, much less that I have put it out there for public viewing.

Richard Armitage who played the mill owner John Thornton in North & South was as much my inspiration for creating my modern slant on the North & South story as he was for a music video I made concerning his portrayal of Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood.  I didn’t post the video on my Lovesmk YT page as I wanted to keep any non-SMK videos separate from that so I created another username and channel (RomanticDaydream) and posted it there.  It stills remains the only video I have made to Robin Hood (although I never say never to making more at some point in the future) as I got swept completely into making videos for SMK and have been doing them ever since.

There too are also some early graphics I made.  They don’t amount to many, but again they are a part of my journey in creativity outside the SMK fandom and include Castle and North & South.



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