A Note About “Past & Present”

Way back in 2o05 when the BBC aired the period drama “North & South” I was completely hooked.  I had not come across the novel upon which it was based before, but after watching Richard Armitage’s compelling portrayal of the mill owner, John Thornton in the series, along with the rest of the cast, I went out and bought the book and devoured it from cover to cover over a few days.

Having joined the message board which was set up after the BBC closed their own board for the series (which crashed at least once due to heavy traffic if I remember correctly) and having immersed myself in all things North & South, I decided to start writing a modern fanfic of the story, borrowing certain situations from the series and the book, although in my story John owns a hotel rather than a mill.  Sharing it week after week, chapter after chapter, was not something I had ever done before so I was more than a little unsure of myself.  However, I continued on and twenty two chapters later I was finished.

I look back on it now and feel that I probably wrote it in a dream-like state, just letting the characters lead me where they would, letting it unfold as it would.  It was certainly more character-driven than anything else, the relationship between John and Margaret its main focus.

It might help to have seen the series/read the book because this is ultimately fanfiction (albeit slightly altered), but perhaps it is also possible to read it as it stands as its own little story.



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