Castle Graphics

I haven’t made many, but when I got my dvds I did start making a few for this series, mainly from the first episode.  It is something I will probably return to again in the future, but in the meantime, here are the few I made.


Study StayHere Ouch Kiss2

Endings Beckett8 Beckett7 Beckett6

Beckett4 Beckett3 Beckett2 Walk

think stealth2 SecretstoTell2Icon Magic

Feel Your Pain Defeated Blood Don'tMove

Close CastleBlack&White1 Castle3 Castle1

Castle2 Beckett9




5 thoughts on “Castle Graphics”

  1. I loved Castle (well, up until the last season which I can now pretend never happened except for the last 40 seconds of the finale)! The first four+ seasons were stellar! Thanks for the icons 🙂

    1. I know what you mean about the last season. Having seen it, I really wished they had ended it at Season Seven with the dinner and then added the little flash forward at the end. That would have been a nice way to end it. So glad they added that little bit onto the end though and finished it off rather than just left it on the cliffhanger of them being shot.

      1. I have some songs I want to do for them so hopefully I will be able to do the vids for them in the future x

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