SMK Icons Journal – Part Six

After what seems to have been a little while, here’s the next instalment of my Icons Journal. I admit I do have a soft spot for the black and white tux ones 🙂

walk (1) Wait Utopia1 copy unsure

undress TuxAvviewithHeart Tux6 Tux5

unsure (2) Tux4 Tux3 Tux2

turnback trainb train1 Touching

Toucha Touch5 Touch4 Touch2

Touch (2) ToHearYourVoice Together12 Together10

Together8 Together5 Together4 Together

tobeaspy2 Time Thoughtful (2) thought

thinking think1 think talk

TakeNoPrisoners TakeMyHand stop2 Stetson

Stealth stay copy Station1Icon spy

spies speakto Sparka smiling-copy

smiling smile (4) smile (1) skulk

silent shock shadows Scarecrow4


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