On Location With SMK: The Mitre Pub from To Catch a Mongoose

From our London SMK location day out this last summer I am posting the pics of The Mitre pub first.  To get to this, we walked from Knightsbridge through Hyde Park to Lancaster Mews. On the afternoon we went it was really quiet inside (it may have been because it was the Notting Hill Carnival weekend), although people, as you will see, were sitting outside having a drink -just as they were when they filmed the scenes all those years ago:).  With the exception of the paintwork being changed from the dark blue colour, nothing else about the exterior appears to have altered.  All the doors into the pub still appear to be in use.

Exterior Shots:









When Amanda disappeared off in the taxi with Conrad, I think they disappeared off in the direction we walked to the pub from Hyde Park.



Now: (slightly further up the road looking down – you can see what I think is the tree in the top picture on the left)


Interior Shots:

The one thing that struck me most about the interior of the pub was how small it was compared to what I actually expected.  Somehow in SMK it seemed slightly bigger?  But that may be just me.  The bar is still in the same place and the tables and chairs set out the same way, although they have done away with the hanging shelf that ran around the bar so it’s now more open. The decor is also different, as would be expected after thirty odd years.

It was a nice place to sit and have a drink, although a lot of my euphoria was no doubt due to actually sitting in the same pub where they filmed lol.  It had taken us so long to go and visit the place (I’ve been saying we should go for years) that it was pretty special to finally be there.  Not that Paul nor Matthew (who took the external shots and most of the other location pics I have because he wouldn’t let go of my camera lol) were half as excited (WHY NOT?!?! lol).  Instead Paul, even though he is very used to London prices, couldn’t help quipping that they wouldn’t have paid £5 odd for a glass of wine back in the time of SMK. No, they wouldn’t have done but that was besides the point 🙂



Now: (Paul standing at the bar roughly where Lee stood.  I felt a bit self-conscious taking photos inside so used him as the excuse to take the pic lol.  Matthew’s shoulder and arm also found its way into a couple of shots).













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