Favourite Lee Lets His Barriers Down Moment: Service Above and Beyond

When Amanda falls foul of Hollander and is injected with muscarine Lee sits in the ambulance with her, anxiously waiting for the medic to do his job and let him know how she is.

Haunted by the Fear Inside

He doesn’t say a word but merely stares down at her lifeless form, hoping and praying that he wasn’t too late in getting her help.  Perhaps if he had reached her quicker he might have been able to stop her being injected in the first place?  As it was he was just a few moments too late, the starkness of her scream the brutal echo of that.

“She’s stabilised, Mr Stetson.  She’ll be all right,” the medic finally informs him, cutting through his troubled reverie, having done what he needs to.

Stillness in the Silence

Lee briefly turns to glance at the medic and merely nods, the words that form on his lips in response not finding their voice as his attention immediately shifts back to the woman lying so completely silent before him.  His eyes bore down upon her, stark with the worry and fear which have stalked him since he found her.  The fact that she became the innocent victim of Hollander’s menace is certainly a haunting reminder of the risks she takes whilst working with him on a case, of the dangers she faces.

Of Feelings Born

Quietly the medic moves away leaving Lee sitting beside her, the anxiety etched on his face having no less abated even though he has been reassured that she’s going to be fine.

In Dark Moments

With the relief that suffuses his body comes an overwhelming desire to be closer to her and he moves nearer, kneeling down by her side as he leans towards her, instinctively reaching out to touch her and gently brush invisible hairs from her face with loving reverence.  If something had happened to her…

A Tender Heart

He can’t think like that though.  He got to her in time and she’s going to be okay.  “I guess this one got a little rough,” he murmurs softly, his entire focus on her sleeping form, not even caring that the medic in the back with him might overhear.  “I’m sorry.  You did a hell of a job.”

And she did.  He can’t deny that fact. For a supposedly ordinary housewife she showed that she could do the job asked of her and for the first time since he discovered her inert body on the bed in Delano’s house a tender smile reaches into his eyes.


“Thank you.”  Still a little groggy from her ordeal, Amanda’s eyes open and look directly at him.

Youre Awake

He can’t believe it!  He’s horrified that she might have heard what he’s just said to her; after all, he didn’t say it expecting her to hear it!  He certainly doesn’t need her knowing how he feels about her potential as an agent – or the fact that deep down inside of him there is a slow blooming feeling that she means something more to him than he wishes to actually consciously acknowledge.

Emreging from the Silence

The fact that Amanda has absolutely no idea of what he’s just said to her is, however, confirmed by her assumption that he is just a porter because she asks him to wake her when they reach their destination, a grateful smile dancing across her entire face as she speaks.  She has absolutely no idea what has happened to her it seems – at least not at this moment in time.

Only Amanda

Infinitely relieved that she clearly hasn’t heard what he’s said, Lee relaxes a little and shakes his head in amusement.  Only Amanda…


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