Lee & Amanda: Relationship Progression Notes – There Goes the Neighbourhood (Pt4)


With all their guests having departed, Lee and Amanda are left to wait for an opportunity to search the Bodine house in the hopes of finding any clues as to why Betty Bodine was targeted.  Sitting alone in the living room Amanda realises that Lee is going to need her help, although when he pops his head around the bathroom door, having heard her speaking her thoughts aloud, she quickly covers it and asks for his thoughts on her taking the job as a Connie Beth representative.  Lee thinks this is actually a great idea – after all, she’ll have access to every house in the neighbourhood!

“Yeah, I’ll have the blisters to prove it too,” she responds before turning her attentions to more immediate matters.

Just two people

She has already had to call Dotty more than once to say she’s running late and she’s adamant that she’s not going to do it again.  After all, how long can a rummage sale go on for?  She can see the time ticking away and would rather get on with the search they need to do rather than wait any longer.

Going to Bed

However, any idea of leaving any time soon seems scuppered by Lee emerging from the bathroom casually unbuttoning his shirt and getting ready to go to bed. She really doesn’t need to hear that he is going to take a nap. After all, surely they can go and do their searching now?  Frank Bodine isn’t home, having gone to the Rosemonts for the night so the house is completely empty.

When Opinions Collide

“I don’t want anyone up to watch us break in,” Lee responds, making it all sound perfectly feasible that they should wait until gone three in the morning until they take any action.  He is, after all, the agent. “Now, are you coming?”  he continues, gesturing towards the stairs.


Amanda can’t believe what she’s hearing.  “No!” she cries, horrified that if Lee has his way she will end up spending almost the entire night with him – and that’s something she certainly hasn’t accounted for!  The fact that she will feel like she’s lying and cheating cuts no ice with Lee however.  In fact he couldn’t be less understanding of her situation.


“No!” She has to try and make him understand how she feels.  This is, after all, all new to her.  She hasn’t had to pretend to be married before, much less wait until the coast is supposedly clear with a handsome spy whose inviting her to get some rest in the same bed as him!


And what about Dean?


If she stays here she will feel guilty and even though she knows nothing is going to happen it doesn’t stop her feeling as though she’s having a thing, although when she finds herself trying to explain this to Lee he merely looks at her with a somewhat indulgent smile.

Charmed in progress

“A thing?”  he repeats softly, knowing precisely what she’s talking about even if she hasn’t used the word “affair”


“Yes,” Amanda clarifies, attempting to emphasise her point in order to fully drive it home to him.  “You know. A thing.”

Like an affair

For the briefest moment he looks at her with a smile before, in the next moment, cutting any thought of such an idea to the quick. “Well you’re not,” he informs her briskly before proceeding to get back to the matter at hand.

He really needs to get his mind back on the case.  After all, this really shouldn’t be any different to any other assignment he’s had with a female agent in the past although there’s no getting away from the fact that it is – however hard he tries to gloss over the fact.  That doesn’t stop him from carrying on as if they haven’t just had the conversation they have though. “Now, do you like a window open at night?”  It seems like a perfectly reasonable question in his mind.

Boyfriend in the Background

Has he actually been listening to what she’s been trying to say to him?  She has to think about Dean even if he won’t.  “I have to consider Dean,” she tells him, trying to put her point across as succinctly as she can.  Surely she can get him to understand how all this might look?  She has a boyfriend and here she is standing in front of an open-shirted Lee who thinks it’s perfectly reasonable to expect her to spend what will end up being virtually the whole night in his company.  She knew she would be posing as his wife for this assignment but staying with him until the wee hours of the morning was not something she envisaged.

“Ok.  How does he feel about windows?” Lee replies unhelpfully to her words.


Amanda is losing patience fast.  It seems that there’s no way she’s going to be able to make him understand how she feels about all this.  But Lee has his own ideas of what he understands and it doesn’t include worrying about what Dean might or might not think.


Nothing Between Us-new

She can only but agree that the situation between them is indeed business and having established that Lee continues on, telling her that they both need to get some rest to be able to do their job properly and if that means one of them getting the bed and the other the couch then he really doesn’t care!  “You tend to get killed less often that way,” he concludes.

Lessons in Espionage

And that’s the end of the matter as far as he’s concerned.  He’s said his piece and now he’s going to bed.

The Burning Question

“Who gets the bed?” Amanda calls after him as she watches him make his way up the stairs, already knowing the answer.

Senior Agent Always Gets the Bed

If they are going to go down the route of one of them getting the bed and one of them the couch, for Lee there is only one response.  Amanda merely responds with a knowing sideways look.


Lee turns to head up to bed alone as Amanda rolls her eyes irritably and marches back into the living room to sit out the time until they can go and break into the Bodine house.

Lee & Amanda: Relationship Progression Notes – There Goes The Neighbourhood (Pt1)


Hot on the heels of cookery guru, Mrs Welch – and her rather unpleasant side business of disposing of agents – comes the problem of vigilantes running around Central America with US-made guns.  Despite what he said when Amanda was last at the Agency telling them all about escaping in the helicopter, Billy hands over this new case over to Lee with absolutely no mention of her assisting him with it.

suburbia copy

As for the case, there appears to be something going on in suburbia, although Lee can’t quite believe it.  After all, as he points out to Billy, it’s hardly a hotbed of intrigue.  Add to that the fact that he’s had his own brief glimpse into suburban life watching Amanda and her mother interact during his last case.  If they are indicative of all suburbanites then they’re certainly not the sort to be supplying gunrunners with arms!

Whether the Betsy Ross Estates is indeed harbouring intrigue of a more alarming nature is what the Agency have to determine and while Francine is swiftly dispatched to the bowels of suburbia to try and get some answers, Lee is left with his own little “mission” – and it has nothing to do with his latest assignment!

As for you, Scarecrow, you have a visitor

Lee has a “visitor”!  This seems odd to him because, despite what Billy tells him, he knows he’s not expecting anybody.  So who on earth is it?  Billy merely smiles knowingly, saying nothing, but pointing towards the monitors on the wall as Lee looks towards him questioningly.


Seeing the amused gleam in his boss’s eyes he duly turns to the monitors only to discover the answer to the question flitting through his mind: Amanda King!  His heart drops in an instant.  This is the last thing he needs!  He really doesn’t want the bother of having to go and speak to her, especially when he’s just about to start on a new case.

Unwelcome Complication

“Oh no,” he murmurs, turning back to Billy.

Surely there’s someone else in the Agency who could go and see what she wants?  But one look at Billy and he knows he’s sunk. There’s no way Billy will allow him to wriggle out of this particular meeting, however hard he tries.  The only thing he can do is get the whole interview over and done with as quickly as he possibly can.  After all, he doesn’t want to get any more involved with her than he already has been.  The Welch case was a one-off and he’s certainly got no desire to repeat it!

Amanda’s reading through the file she’s brought with her when Lee suddenly appears in the doorway of what looks suspiciously like a closet, his upbeat “Hi!” making her jump.


She smiles, little knowing that he will develop a habit of creeping up on her later on down the line.

See You Again

As it is, she’s just happy to see him, particularly as she hopes that her work with the Agency will be with him.  The last case they were on was certainly an eye opener and she’s ready and willing to build on what she learnt from that.


Lee, however, is not about to turn their impromptu meeting into a social reunion and immediately tells her that he has other things to be doing, hoping that that will give her enough of a prod to get to the point as to why she’s dropped by.

Im sort of busy

Amanda, duly noting that her time with him appears limited, proceeds to launch into a lengthy and rather rambling account, attempting as she does so to give Lee the file she has with her, although he makes absolutely no move to take it.

give (2)

Like the time they met in the shadows so Amanda could tell him about what Phillip had found in the music box, Lee can’t deny her enthusiasm but still he seeks to trample all over it, determined to quash any sort of spy fantasy she might be harbouring.


He completely bypasses the fact that he was the one who instigated this one in a million event when he picked her out of the crowds at the train station.  As far as he’s concerned, that’s not relevant.  His total rejection of her claim that they worked together puts a dent in Amanda’s bright demeanour.  Even though she knows that Billy can see how useful she will be to the Agency,  she still finds herself confronted by Lee’s very obvious resistance.  Although she’s not going to let that deter her.  With a bright smile, she bulldozes over Lee’s less than enthusiastic response.


For Lee, alarm bells are ringing. The fact that she’s been put on a probationary period tells him that Billy is completely serious about getting her to help out from time to time and that’s really not good!  He certainly doesn’t want her trailing around after him while he’s trying to work, however handy her input was during the Welch case.

Do you need me

No, he doesn’t need her.  Hasn’t he already told her he doesn’t work with anyone?  And definitely not someone who is completely untrained!

Amanda’s smile fades.  It’s not the answer she’s hoping for. Maybe she should try a different tact?  “I guess I’m free to consider other others,” she says. “Very attractive offers.”

Lee’s enthusiastic “Sure!” is hardly encouraging.  Further suggesting that she should perhaps give Warren Davenport of Honeycutt Typewriters a call to follow up the possibility of another job, seems to have the complete opposite effect to the one she’s looking for.  Lee seems even more delighted for her!


Lee himself sees this as the perfect opportunity to terminate their meeting and having completely dented all Amanda’s hopes he blithely tells her that Billy would no doubt give her a reference if she needs one.

“That won’t be necessary,” she tells him.  “My skills speak for themselves. I type 90 words a minute.”


He’s done everything he can to discourage and dishearten her and she knows it. He’s not even tried to hide his determination to keep her away from him and the Agency. What’s more, she’s had enough of it!  She’s determined that she’ll be the one to have the last word though. Walking over to where Lee is standing at the door of the elevator she pokes her file into his chest, forcing him to retreat backwards before shutting the door in his face, the last thing she sees being his stunned expression.


Besides, they don’t even pay overtime!

Lee & Amanda: Relationship Progression Notes (Pt10)


Even after meeting Lee under the cover of darkness and being told not to get involved, Amanda is still thinking about the case as well as what was written on the card Phillip found.  It’s while she’s doing the housework that a sudden thought hits her.  Following her hunch, she pours through her mother’s numerous cookery books looking for the recipes for Mrs Welch of TV cookery fame.

The Quest for Answers

Finally, she finds a couple of recipe cards and when she sits down with her mother to watch the show – which Dotty remembered to tape earlier that day – she knows she is on to something.

When Time Is Running Out

She knows that she cannot keep what she’s found from Lee.  This, surely, is far too important a connection to remain silent about, even though he’s already made it very clear that he doesn’t want her involved in the case? The only problem is that when she tries to get hold of Lee on the phone, she finds that he’s not there to speak to.

Into the Path of Danger

Perhaps she could do a little further investigation on her own while she waits to speak to him?  It seems like a good idea as it would add further weight to her discovery.  She duly heads to the TV station with the names of the dishes to get the dates of the programmes, taking her entire Cub Scout group with her under the guise of them getting a new badge, even as she tries to get hold of Lee again without success.

Mulit Tasking

Worst of all, upon double checking the programme dates against the murders, she is suddenly struck by the terrifying realisation that they do indeed match and that Lee may well be next: “Pilgrim’s Peach Puff today.  Lee has a mission today.”

Worst Fears Confirmed

She knows it is none of her business, but she can’t help herself.  She doesn’t want Lee to come to any harm and if she can prevent it she’ll find a way.  However, there is the small matter of what do with the children. Right on cue her mother arrives to help out just as Amanda is heading outside and after, grappling for an excuse by saying she has an emergency at her club she leaves her mother to babysit.


Going to Lee’s aid is very much new territory for Amanda – a complete leap from the day to day life she knows so well.  She has never had to do anything like this before, much less had any training concerning how to handle herself in such situations … especially when she has absolutely no idea what she might be walking into!

When she finds the house she approaches it cautiously.  The desire to help Lee has propelled her here and now she has to decide how to go about finding him, if he is indeed here at all.  It just seemed the most logical place to look first, although she soon spots a man making a delivery of fruit and vegetables whom she needs to get past before she can do anything else.

Unchartered Territory

When she spots a rogue melon on the ground she picks it up, knowing that it was no doubt dropped by the delivery man who has conveniently opened the cellar door to take the stuff down into.  That, she realises, has to be her way in – if she can get past him…


“I hope I can look back on this one day and laugh.”  Certainly a few days ago she would never have contemplated doing something like this for someone who is, in effect, a complete stranger.  She takes a deep breath and approaches the man under the guise of returning the melon and selling cookies.

Excuse Me

The vegetable man doesn’t prove particularly friendly or interested and so, realising that he might not move far enough away from the cellar, she causes a distraction by tipping over a box of oranges and sending them flying across the ground.

Create a Distraction

That seems to get his attention and she quickly bolts down the cellar steps before he can see her, although it isn’t long before he comes rattling after her.

“Cub Scout lady!” he calls out as Amanda quickly hides so that he won’t spot her.  Deciding that maybe she isn’t down in the cellar after all, he heads back upstairs after a moment or two, shouting out for her all the while, leaving Amanda feeling only a sense of relief at the near miss.  What has she gotten herself into??


Left to look for Lee but ever conscious of running into trouble, she ventures along the cellar corridor.  Perhaps she should have told someone at the Agency what she found out rather than come herself after all?  There again, she’s here now and has to continue.  As she comes upon one particular door she suddenly finds it opening and is forced to move quickly out of sight.  However, she can hear whoever opened the door talking to another man inside – Lee!  He’s alive!


Now she knows he’s here all she has to do is figure out a way to get him out.  However, before she can think about how to go about this the service lift she has inadvertently stepped into suddenly whisks her upward.  When it grounds to a halt Amanda finds herself peering into the kitchen where Mrs Welch is giving a private cookery class to someone. Francine!  What is clear to Amanda is that this is no ordinary lesson – Francine has been drugged and is divulging the movements of an agent that Mrs Welch has designs on eliminating.

A Shocking Revelation

For Lee, time seems to have run out.  He hasn’t managed to buy himself enough time to get himself out of the mess he’s in and instead finds himself being led to a waiting helicopter by the bad guys and Mrs Welch.  Amanda gets upstairs in time to see this happening and only knows that she has to do something.  But what?  She spies a bag of sugar sitting on top of a box of fruit and suddenly an idea comes to her.  It may not be something that a real agent would do but there again she has to do what she thinks might help…

The Need for a Plan

Having dealt with the sugar, Amanda positions herself behind a parked car.  She has a clear view of Lee and it isn’t long before she realises that he’s spotted her crouching there.  He can’t believe his eyes when he realises it’s her.  Didn’t he tell her that she should stay away from everything?  That it was dangerous?  Surely she doesn’t think that she can mount her own rescue of him without any sort of back up?  What’s more if she’s spotted he doesn’t even want to contemplate what might happen!

Peering Back at Me

The bad guy notices something in Lee’s face because he turns to peer curiously in Amanda’s direction, causing her to duck out of sight before he has a chance to see her, although when he turns back to Lee she decides to take a chance.  It’s now or never!


Her sudden appearance is enough to cause a distraction and Lee, seizing his opportunity, reacts with a swift, decisive kick which sends the bad guy reeling to the ground.  Amanda’s only thought is to get to Lee and quickly she runs towards him, forgetting that she is putting herself at risk by being seen.

“Freeze. That’s what you say isn’t it?” she yells at him above the sound of the helicopter noise.

“Yeah.  Usually when you’re armed,” Lee shouts back. “Untie me.”  If she can extract him from his ties then he can at least do something to get them out alive.

Amanda’s heart sinks the minute she sees the knot.  She has absolutely no idea how to undo it!

Oh Lord

Unable to release Lee from his bindings and now having been spotted, Lee yells at her to get into the helicopter.  He immediately starts barking orders at her, telling her what to do.  Amanda finds herself with very little time to react, mechanically following what he tells her.

“Feet on the pedals!  Right hand on the stick!  Left hand down on the throttle!”

She turns to him, suddenly uncertain. “Why?”

We're Flying

When she set out to find Lee this is the last thing she expected to have to do!  She’s never flown a helicopter before, let alone one which is being fired upon by bad guys!  With Lee barking instructions at her all the while, she finally manages to get the helicopter in the air although it seems at one point as though she starts to fly it back towards the house and the people they are trying to escape.  The one saving grace, however, is that the bad guys’ car seems to have broken down.

“It’s lucky their car coughed out,” Lee muses, happy for at least one small silver lining, especially as his life is now in the very inexperienced hands of a housewife from Arlington!

“Lucky nothing!” Amanda responds, proving that even though she may not have any agency training she can still improvise when she needs to.  “I put sugar in the gas tank.  Phillip did it once to Dean’s car.  It’s never been the same!”

Flying Without Wings

Lee’s so unsettled by Amanda’s flying that he just shuts his eyes and prays – something she certainly doesn’t appreciate!  After all, he’s the one who told her she had to fly the helicopter!

Open Your Eyes

As Amanda does her best to keep them in the air  Lee suddenly looks at her and finds himself unable to help wonder out loud what the hell she thinks she’s wearing.  Amanda can’t believe it!  Why would he care about that??  And at a time like this??

What are you wearing

The stress of their situation makes them both edgy, their raised voices at the other belying the danger they both know they are in.  And yet,  despite making all kinds of weird manoeuvres, Amanda manages to somehow force the car carrying Mrs Welch and her sidekick into a ditch and save the day.

We did it!

Her euphoria proves short-lived though as Lee apologises about her car now currently residing in the ditch.  For Amanda, this is very much the downside of victory…

What am I going to do

As far as Lee is concerned, he’ll just be happy to be back on solid ground again.

Lee & Amanda Relationship Progression Notes (Pt8)


The following day Lee, having found himself both suspended by Billy and busted with Amanda for breaking into the Post Office in an attempt to recover the package, takes Amanda for a walk with only one thought in mind – to ditch her.

Another Life

As they mount the steps towards the memorial it starts to dawn on Amanda that this is it – that Lee is saying goodbye.  She, as he wastes no time in reminding her, has another life to get back to.  One that doesn’t include packages or spies.

Dont you have another life to get back to

That’s all very well for him to say, but what about him?  What is his life beyond what little she knows of him?  When she asks he gives little away:

“Not so you’d notice.”

She presses further: “So no Mrs Spy? No little spies? No girlfriends? No buddies?”  Surely there must be someone in his life?

But no, he’s a loner.  What’s more, he likes things that way!

The Distance Between Us

His little declaration still doesn’t deter her, however. Perhaps recalling the two women who approached him at the party the night before, Amanda doesn’t hold back in giving him the benefit of her advice.


The trouble is, the sort of “nice girl” Amanda is thinking of would probably mean commitment and a relationship consisting of more than one night of fun and at this point in his life Lee Stetson is definitely not interested in that.

“Look, don’t worry about it okay?” he tells her, swinging round to face her, trying to remain pleasant despite his irritation that this woman whom he barely knows sees fit to offer him advice on his love life!

However, Amanda isn’t finished and offers him an invitation to her family’s Thanksgiving celebrations. “Do you have some place to go Thanksgiving?”

An Invitation Offered and Rejected-new

Lee finds himself getting ever more exasperated.  He doesn’t want to discuss his plans for Thanksgiving, particularly when the only thing on his mind is off-loading her and getting on with his life!  And surely she realises that he likes to operate alone?

Too busy working together

For Lee, denial is quick to surface when Amanda blithely mentions the fact that they have worked together.  Nope, they weren’t partners!  No way was Amanda his partner!!

You were not a partner

In his determination to let her know precisely what a partner is and without even realising he’s done it until it is too late, Lee blurts out exactly how he feels about having a partner – and its tragic consequences.


He shocks even himself in having spoken so freely.

Gone too far

The pain that steals across his face in the aftermath more than portrays the sadness and guilt he still carries in knowing that he was the one his partner sacrificed his life for. Amanda, for her part, certainly wasn’t expecting him to speak so candidly and can only stare at him in stunned silence.

Past Regrets

Lee, still reeling from compulsively blurting out how badly his last partnership ended,  turns away from Amanda and takes a moment to try and pull himself together.


In that moment it is as though he has exposed the wounded, sensitive man he is so determined to hide and even though he studiously continues to resist it, he can see that Amanda is more than willing to offer her friendship to him.  Yet he refuses to be drawn, both in the physical sense by further stepping away from her and in the metaphorical sense by closing his mind to the possibility of accepting any overture of friendship.  After what happened to his partner, he certainly doesn’t want to work with anyone else again – and certainly not with someone as raw and as inexperienced as a housewife from Arlington.

Where Memories Clamour

When Amanda tries to talk to him about his partner he makes sure his barriers are firmly in place.  He may have let his guard slip once but he’s not going to allow that to happen again.

Friends for very long

It is enough.  Amanda can only respect his wish not to talk any further on the matter, although he doesn’t give her any time to really think about it as he makes his move to leave her.

“Goodbye, Amanda.”

To Say Goodbye (2)

“Will I see you again?”

His answer is pretty succinct, allowing no room for possibilities.  “No.”

Amanda doesn’t even attempt to hide her disappointment.  She has no choice but to accept that it’s over.  It seems that he is determined to leave her life just as quickly as he entered it.

What will you do

With that Lee says his final goodbyes to her before leaving her standing there alone.


Turning, Amanda watches his retreating figure, unable to resist one last call goodbye.

Walk Away

Lee merely offers her a rather half-hearted wave, seemingly determined not to look fully back at her, before disappearing down the steps and out of sight.  As far as he is concerned, he will never see Amanda again.  He might have involved her in the whole business with the package far more than he had originally anticipated, but all that’s over now.  He can go back to his life and she can go back to hers.


For Amanda the moment is bittersweet. On the one hand she is now free to return to the life she was living before that morning at the train station; on the other, she has had a small but seductive taste of excitement.  Even though it was brief, she stepped beyond the realms of mother and housewife and experienced a little of the adventure that would normally be confined to her TV screen at home.  Lee has inadvertently made her more aware of what lies beyond the confines of her white picket fence. There is also no doubt that Lee sorely needs a friend, but it seems that he has taken the chance of her ever being that away with him too…

Favourite Near Miss Kiss Scene

I was going through some old files on my computer and I found some notes I made a couple of years ago concerning my favourite moments which I wrote for the SMK Yuku Board (they have recently revived the thread) and I thought that I would dust them off, redo the graphics where necessary and post them here in this little space.  When I repost my relationship notes for Lee and Amanda there will doubtlessly be some overlap, but hopefully not too much.

Anyway, to start.  I have decided to kick off with the near miss kiss from Utopia Now.  It is, hands down, my favourite of them all, not only because they did get oh-so-close but also for the prelude to it – the conversation between them.

The fact that they have been running from Sacker and his men has led them to taking sanctuary in a swamp for the night.  Even though Amanda has come through with her “one match” and made sure they have some semblance of a fire to try and keep warm by, it really is too low for them to gain much heat from.  It is cold and dark and Amanda, for one, is feeling the chill.

Where Shadows Linger

It doesn’t take long for Lee to realise this (even though she doesn’t try to hide how she’s feeling) and he very nobly invites her to huddle against him, telling her that their body heat can help them both keep warm.  The ease into which Amanda moves into the circle of his arms, snuggling against his chest, and the naturalness with which Lee accepts her closeness and literally embraces it shows how comfortable they have now become with the other, especially when at this point their very solid friendship is very tentatively blossoming into something deeper.

JustTwoPeople2 copy

Protect You

It is not the ideal situation – after all, a swamp in the bitter cold with a gang of undesirables trying to track you down is hardly the most romantic scenario and yet as they huddle together the world seems to slowly narrow down to just the two of them.  It starts with Amanda’s admittance that she’s scared – something that Lee understands but tries to placate as best he can, although not without some sense of guilt in having put her into the situation in the first place.  Not that Amanda’s having any of it – she, after all, knew what she was getting into at the train station that day.  She certainly won’t allow Lee to feel guilty about it, although her mind is on more pressing matters – like the fact that they may not actually make it out of there alive.  And if they don’t….

Really am glad to have known you

She may have backed off from telling Lee how she feels about him at the last moment, perhaps fearing that he isn’t ready to hear it or that she will end up on the receiving end of “the speech” again (which she does later), but her own admission, though not what she really wanted to say, sparks off one from Lee as he tells her how much she has influenced the way he not only views other people but also himself.  It is quite an admittance for him, showing that he is slowly beginning to let his defences down and let her even further in.  It also creates that sense of the two of them being completely content with each other in that moment, despite the reasons they are there.  So when Lee gets a cramp (did he fake it?) and finds himself face to face with Amanda, the air between them becomes pretty charged pretty quickly.

The Sweetest Agony

Their eyes meet and hold, Lee begins to tighten his arm around her and slowly they move towards the other ready to kiss….

Surreder copy

Only they don’t get the chance to do more than barely touch the other’s lips as Sacker and his men suddenly intrude upon the moment, shattering it completely in a hail of gunfire aimed roughly in their direction, forcing them to dive for cover behind some rocks.

A Moment Shattered


As Danger Nears

The moment is well and truly lost, the priority of just trying to keep out of sight and alive back to being their main focus.