New Batch of Lee Icons

It’s been ages since I posted anything on this blog, but I’m trying to rectify that at the moment.  To start off, here are a few more Lee orientated icons which I made recently.  I hope you enjoy them and have a very happy Thursday.

Lee2f  Lee2a  Lee1p  Lee1n

Lee1k  Lee1i  Lee1g  Lee1e

Lee1d  Lee1c  Lee1b  Horrified


And a few pre-wedding ones:

Wait  Nervous  Anticipate

As always:

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New Icon Set – Lee

I’ve managed to make a new batch of Lee icons so hopefully they’ll get your week off to a happy start 🙂  Have a good one everyone!

Lee1  Lee3  Lee4  Lee5

Lost&Found-newa1  Lost&Found-  Lee12  Lee6

Lee11  Lee10  Lee8  Lee2

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2nd Batch of Ship of Spies Icons

After a few weeks being busy with vidding for SMK, I’m back with a new offering and continuing the theme with these new icons based on the (albeit fake) marriage between Lee and Amanda in Ship of Spies :):)

Have a fantastic week everyone!

Wedding1  Wedding4  Wedding2  Wedding30

Wedding29  Wedding15  Wedding14  Wedding31

Wedding28  Wedding23  Wedding22  Wedding21

Wedding20  Wedding19  Wedding18  Wedding12

Wedding10  Wedding9  Wedding13  Wedding8

Wedding11  Wedding7  Wedding5  Wedding6

Wedding32  Wedding16

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Icon Set – Ship of Spies Wedding

I escaped into the gentle world of SMK this morning and although I wasn’t really planning on posting these today, I decided to just go for it and do it a day early.  I hope you like them.

With this ring the turmoil within kiss Husband

Hold onto you demure Closer to you Bride and Groom

breathless bound to you Amanda13 Amanda12

Amanda11 Amanda10

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Icon Set – Amanda

Just a very small post today and just to try and balance my Lee icons out a little, here is a small batch of Amanda specific icons. I hope you enjoy them.

Amanda1  Amanda2  Amanda3  Amanda4

Amanda5  Amanda6  Amanda7  Amanda8

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New Icon Set – Lee

Happy Monday everyone!  The start of another week!

I’m really loving creating icons again, so here is another little batch of colour and black and white ones – all Lee specific.


Lee15  Lee14  Lee6  Lee1

Lee10  Lee9  Lee8  Lee11

Lee4  Lee3  Lee2  Lee13

Lee7  Lee5

Please do not alter, amend or claim as your own

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