Icons/Banners for Passion Flower

Happy Hump Day everyone!  Ok, so amongst all the SMK related stuff that I do I have managed to make a few more icons and banners for the film, Passion Flower.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed making icons so I have had a lot of fun making some more for both SMK (to follow soon:)) as well as this film recently.  Hope you enjoy them.


Listen  hold  Sexy

TheSpaceBetween  Smile1  happy

Lead  Bruce2  Redemption



A Passion Ignited

Caught Out

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SMK Icons Journal – Part Six

After what seems to have been a little while, here’s the next instalment of my Icons Journal. I admit I do have a soft spot for the black and white tux ones 🙂

walk (1) Wait Utopia1 copy unsure

undress TuxAvviewithHeart Tux6 Tux5

unsure (2) Tux4 Tux3 Tux2

turnback trainb train1 Touching

Toucha Touch5 Touch4 Touch2

Touch (2) ToHearYourVoice Together12 Together10

Together8 Together5 Together4 Together

tobeaspy2 Time Thoughtful (2) thought

thinking think1 think talk

TakeNoPrisoners TakeMyHand stop2 Stetson

Stealth stay copy Station1Icon spy

spies speakto Sparka smiling-copy

smiling smile (4) smile (1) skulk

silent shock shadows Scarecrow4


Icons Journal – Part Five

I have spent the past week working on a couple of music videos and have now completed first drafts of both with another video already in that first draft state, so I’ve had a productive week!  That always makes me happy 🙂 🙂

For now though, here’s Part Five of my icons journey on this Thursday afternoon.  The weather may be awful (where is summer?!?!?), but SMK always has the power to lift my spirits.  I hope it does yours :).

Scarecrow2 Scarecrow1 sauve2 sad

Run (3) Run (2) reveal rescue2

remember regret-copy Regret Regret (2)

ReadyforBed ReachingOut Point philipjamieicon41

philipjamie51 panic1 onemanandhisboar OneIcon,TwoTextures2

OneIcon,TwoTextures notlike Nightcrawler-Avatar6 Nightcrawler-Avatar1

Need MyTexturesIcon2 copy MyTexturesIcon1 copy MyEyeonYou copy

misery5 misery4 misery3 misery2

Misery memories (2) memorial22 Love

LosingYou lookoutpost Lookab lookatyou2

Look1 Look

Icons Journal – Part Three

And here we go again…

Here’s Part Three of my SMK icon creations.  I have to admit, my absolute favourite icon creation so far is the “How” one in the first row 🙂

hurt how HotMama horrified

hide2 hide1 hide HeroRevised2

HeroB&W Happy2 Icon2 Icon2 copy

Hero2 (2) HEART Hear (3) Haste

hand HAIRDRYER gun2 GuardedHeart

grab gp Gone Too Far give

furtive Freestyle2 Forever fol

flowers-copy Flowers fishing fight

Feel (3) FEARLESS Icon 2 - For Lease hide3

Feel fly getaway gray skies - text doesn't show up so redo


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Icons Journal – Part Two

So here’s Part Two of my icons journal.  These, like Part One, represent quite a number of years and in fact, I’ve just looked to see when I made my first batch of icons and it was July 2010!  Wow!  Where have the years gone???

Fear copy fear (2) faith fading expectation

expectant Everlasting emotion Drenched Dream

Dream (3) DonttellmewecantmakeitworkAvvie dismiss1 Discovered discord2

disbelief DISBELIEF (3) disbelief (2) Disappointed DespairIcon copy

despaira Desire Desire (2) Demure defeated1

Cool contemplate consider Consider (2) compliment copy

Comfort Comfort (2) come (2) Close Cheers

chasm caring car Captivated copy cantlet

Breathe2 Breathe Breathe (2) Bob2 Bob1-Avvie

bluebell betweenus

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My Icon Journal – Part One

When I started  experimenting and playing around in Photoshop Elements in about July 2010, I never dreamt that I would still be making graphics for the same show some six years later, let alone that I would have created so many of them.  I have a folder of my favourite icons totalling 300 which I intend to post here on the blog over several posts, but that is by no means the sum of the icons I have made over the years.  Certainly my first attempts were pretty dire and very sludgy in colour – basically because I had no real idea of what I was doing.  However, I kept going and kept trying to make each graphic – be it icon, banner or wallpaper – better than the last. I still aim to do that even now, just as I do with my music videos.  It is an ever-evolving process and I love the creativity of it.

2. Lean on Me (SMK) Betrayed (2) beauty beauty (1) BadDayIcon

BacktoAgency Awareness aware1 attentive (2) AtCafe

arrival anticipation AndSoSheDances amused copy amuse2

AMother'sPainAvvie Amazed amaze amandaicon32 AmandaIcon3

AmandaIcon2 amandab1 AmandaA amanda12 Amanda3Icon

Amanda3a (3) Amanda3 Amanda3 (6) amanda3 (4) amanda3 (2)

Amanda2a (3) Amanda2a (2) amanda2 (2) amanda2 (1) Amanda1Icon

amanda1-copy Amanda1a amanda1 amanda1 (1) amanda

Amanda (4) Amanda (3) Alone2 Alone ahead

ahead AftertheParty'sGone affair Adoration Abandoned


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