New Music Video

As soon as I heard this song I thought it could have been written for Lee and so I made a video to it, taking it from his point of view and how Amanda made him whole again after so much loss in his life (family, love).  I posted on You Tube yesterday to mark what would have been their wedding anniversary in the series as it seemed fitting to do so.  I hope you enjoy it.

Sarah x

My Latest Music Video: Photograph

Well, this is my 100th music video for Lee and Amanda.  Never in a million years did I expect to make so many, but here I am still making them and loving every moment.

To those of you who watch my videos, thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm over the years.  I truly do appreciate it.

Sarah xx

Let Her Go – Music Video

When I sat down to make this video late last year I really did have a feeling that maybe I was going a bit out on a limb, but I loved this version of the song and I had a storyline screaming in my head to be put into video clips so I just followed my instincts and went with it.

Although it is one of my storyline videos, it is also A/U.  It tells a What If… story of if Amanda had left the Agency to try again with Joe and Lee had realised, after she had gone, just what she meant to him.  It became a snapshot in time from Lee’s point of view.  The resulting video now stands as probably the one I am most proud of.

Sarah xx