Lee & Amanda: Relationship Progression Notes – There Goes the Neighbourhood (Pt6)


The next day (presumably) Lee and Amanda meet up at their “house” on the Betsy Ross Estates to catch up and swap notes on the case, having settled companionably in the kitchen to talk things through.


Even as Lee is running through what they know so far out loud, Amanda is busy nailing another thing she’s brought from home to the kitchen wall – a picture of Dean holding a massive fish in front of his face!

To Wonder Why

Having finished doing that she starts to go about making herself a sandwich, bustling around the kitchen with the as much ease as she would in her own home.  Lee, meanwhile, is looking at the picture on the wall, his mind distracting from the case, a frown furrowing his brow.  Despite the picture appearing a bit strange, there’s something else wrong with it – something about it that’s not quite right.  Then he realises!

Its Crooked

“It’s crooked,” he tells Amanda, pointing.  Horrified, she rushes to straighten it and as he watches her do so, Lee cannot help but question her about it. “What is it?”

“It’s Dean,” Amanda replies, proudly stating that it was from when they were on vacation together.

The Man in the Picture

“Good likeness,” Lee quips rather uncharitably, although he can’t help being a bit curious about a man who puts a big fish in front of his face.  “You and whats-his-name do a lot of fishing, do you?”

His question, however, provokes Amanda to immediately close the shutters on any further discussion about her relationship with Dean.  She’s not about to discuss her love life with him!  Very succinctly she gives him a brief response that, yes, she and Dean do do a lot of fishing before pointedly suggesting that they return to the actual matter in hand – namely the case.  After all, that’s what they’re here for.

Personal Touch

Lee abides by her wish and duly turns his mind from Dean, only to notice as he glances up at the window, halfway through some further musings about the case, that Amanda has changed the curtains! Again he finds himself derailed from matters which should be fully occupying his mind. He can’t quite figure out why Amanda would even bother to do such a thing.  After all, what does it matter what the curtains look like?  It’s not as though it’s their actual home!

Amanda gives a casual little shrug when he asks her why she changed them.  Personally she didn’t think the old curtains went well with the rug she bought and as she prefers a cheery kitchen to work in she changed the curtains.

This isnt your kitchen speech

From where Amanda’s standing it’s all pretty simple, although Lee has a completely different idea of how things should be done.


His response isn’t really a surprise to Amanda.  She’s already worked out a few things about him and wastes no time in telling him what she thinks – namely that he’s out of touch.

People want to get through the day

He doesn’t immediately understand – or doesn’t want to.  “Out of touch with what?” he responds testily.

“The way normal people do things.”

The Distance Between Us

Irritated by her assessment of him, Lee turns from her to get back to his notes.  It’s not a conversation he particularly wants to have, but Amanda isn’t about to let it go.

To her mind, at least, Lee has no real idea of normality and from what she’s seen certainly has no wish to embrace it!  He may not want or lead an ordinary life in the suburbs as she does, but she knows that he needs to start connecting with the people they are “living” amongst by approaching them and showing an interest in their lives.  It is, after all, the only way he is going to discover things which might be relevant to the case.

Boiling Point

When, upon completely losing his patience, Lee tells her that if she’s so damn normal she can solve the case she is more than willing to snatch up the gauntlet.  And when Lee questions her as to how she thinks she can do that she is more than ready with her answer.

Shes got wet hair speech

She already has her own ideas about what has been going on and when she tells Lee he is left to wonder whether she may have a point after all.  In fact, he can’t help but be impressed with her line of thinking.  “Did you just think of that?” he asks and when she admits she has, although wonders if it is a bit too way out to have any real substance, he dismisses it, telling her it’s a good thought.

His compliment isn’t lost on Amanda – in fact, she is very happy to receive it.  As far as Lee is concerned it’s an idea he wants to run with.  The fact that Judy Wainwright is making deliveries that day spurs his decision to trail her and keep an eye on things; and so, wasting no more time, he makes ready to leave the house.  It is only when he’s gathered up his jacket and on his way out that he suddenly realises what has just happened between himself and Amanda.

Do You Know What Just Happened

It stops him in his tracks and he turns to look at her.  Does she realise it too?

She comes to stand in front of him, although she is completely unaware of what is going through his mind.  “What?”

First Fight

Amanda gives a little laugh, surprised by his words. “Right here in our cheery kitchen,” she muses.  Only a short while ago he was busy telling her that their “home” wasn’t real.  Now here he is referring to them as arguing like a proper couple!

Lee glances towards the kitchen area, remembering, before turning back to her. “I guess I’ll see you later,” he begins as though to leave her, although his gaze holds fast to hers, his feet firmly rooted to the spot.

Bound by the moment new version

An awkward, unspoken anticipation hangs between them. Gone is the cocky spy, the smooth operator amongst women, and in his place stands a man whose own words have had the power to throw him a little off-balance.

If This were Real

He’s not quite sure how to proceed, how to move forward from what he’s just said.  After all, if they were indeed a regular married couple who’d just had a fight, wouldn’t they be kissing and making up at this point?  Not that they are a couple, of course!  They’re definitely not emotionally attached or anything like that as far he’s concerned (in fact they barely even know each other) and yet he can’t walk away until he makes up with her for the argument they’ve just had.  He’s got to say something….do something…

Galvanising himself into action, he extends his hand out to Amanda as a peace offering, breaking through the awkwardness which lingers between them.

Making Up

Seeing what he is doing Amanda grasps his hand with a somewhat relieved smile and as they shake hands they give a little laugh, both of them knowing that this is their way of making up after their fight.

“Have a good…” Amanda begins as their hands part, gesturing as if to verify that she means his day.

“Yeah. You too,” he replies, things seemingly back to normal between them, even as they both turn away from each other to go their different ways.

When Leaving You is the Hardest Part of all

However, even then Lee finds that he can’t just walk away.  There’s something else he needs to tell her before he goes.

Look back at you

“You know, I like blue a lot better,” he says, referring to the curtains from which their whole argument sprung.

Amanda cannot hide her pleasure at his remark.  It means a lot to her that he appreciates her efforts to make the place feel more homely. “Oh!  Good.  I’m glad,” she replies with a bright smile as she watches him give her a little salute and finally walk away, leaving her standing watching after him.

34th Anniversary of SMK

I can’t believe it’s been 34 years since this series first aired!  It seems incredible and yet here I am still watching it, still loving it, still creating videos and graphics for it.

Of course, I couldn’t really let the day go by without making some banners to celebrate its anniversary so here they are (some of you will have already seen them posted on FB).

A special thanks to Taya Johnston (http://www.callmeacab.com/) for her kind permission in using her promo photos and Kate Jackson pictures in these.




One Package

Spywear Essentials

Sarah xx


Favourite Not So Secret Look: The Triumvirate

When Amanda’s life is deemed to be in danger from a hit-man, she is sent with Lee to a safe house to sit it out until the threat has passed.  Together they settle down in a companionable silence, both having found a magazine to read.

Distractions and Daydreams

The magazine contents, however, appear to be the last thing on Lee’s mind and it doesn’t take long for him to cease his aimless flicking through its pages and become more pleasantly distracted by the sight of Amanda sitting in the chair opposite.  Doing her best to remain calm despite the situation they’re in, she’s absently looking through the pages before her.

Wistful Thinking

In those moments he finds his gaze resting solely upon her, seemingly unable to look away, a contemplative smile stealing across his lips.  Before him sits a woman who is not only beautiful but has stubbornly stood by him through thick and thin – not to mention shown more times than he can count how much she truly cares about him.

Lee2  Lee1

I think in these quiet moments of reflection he knows precisely how much Amanda means to him, fully aware that his feelings have blossomed from friendship into love. Not that he’s told her that yet, despite the fact that they have been spending more time together beyond their normal working hours.  The possibility of pursuing a relationship with her hovers tantalisingly before him, almost close enough to touch…

Catching Your Eye

His daydreams are suddenly brought to a complete halt as Amanda, perhaps sensing his gaze upon her, glances up and catches him staring.  His eyes widen immediately in perceptible alarm – it’s the last thing he wants.

Hide from You

Amanda doesn’t say anything nor does she seek to question aloud his attentions upon her, although equally she doesn’t look directly away either.  It is Lee who immediately turns his gaze from hers, trying to cover his awkwardness at being caught watching her so intently.


He is so busy hiding from her that he doesn’t see the little smile that passes across Amanda’s lips as she sees his reaction.  He obviously didn’t mean for her to see him staring and clearly feels embarrassed that she has, but she has to wonder what he was thinking.  He certainly appeared reflective, wistful….

Amanda goes back to her magazine, continuing on as before.  For Lee, however, it seems completely impossible for him to look in any direction other than her and slowly, as if  powerless to do anything else, he turns his gaze towards her once more before glancing down at his watch and reluctantly acknowledging the fact that maybe she ought to go and get some rest.

“Amanda, it’s getting late.  Why don’t you take a rest?  I’ll go in the other room.”

A Wish to Stay

At his words Amanda glances up, a little startled by his words.  It’s the last thing she wants to do.  “Well I’m really not tired and I’m probably too nervous to sleep,” she tells him, hoping that he will pick up on the fact that she would rather not be on her own at the present moment.  Lee, however, is quick to reassure her on that count – in fact, he couldn’t be happier!

I can stay

His eyes instantly light up, even as he smiles brightly in her direction in response to her confirmation that she wants him there with her.

The Pleasure of your Company

Amanda’s equally radiant smile indicates that she too is just as happy about the fact that he will sit a little longer with her and seems to be in no hurry to be out of her presence. How far they’ve come since those far off times when he couldn’t wait to be rid of her! “That would be nice,” she says, gratefully.

“Yeah,” Lee agrees.  Perhaps they can ditch the magazines now (which neither of them was really reading in the first place) and talk?


The only problem is that Fate appears to have other ideas and, as if on cue, rudely intervenes.  The knock on the door couldn’t be more ill-timed and neither of them can hide their disappointment.  After all, the minute Lee opens the door the moment will be lost.  Sure enough Francine has come to stand in for Lee because Billy has asked for him to get back to the Agency as quickly as possible – although she has absolutely no idea what is so urgent.

No other choice

Lee, for his part, can’t help but question this abrupt and unexpected change of plan but Francine is adamant: Billy wants them to trade shifts.  He therefore has no choice but to agree, albeit with no small degree of disappointment.  It was bad enough Francine turning up; now it looks like he’s going to have to leave completely!

Leave accept

“Well I guess I’d better go,” he says resignedly, looking over at Amanda who sits silently, knowing that she has no choice but to accept that she’ll be spending the rest of the evening in Francine’s company.  He too knows where he’d rather be – and it’s not at the Agency.  “See you later.”

A Reluctant Goodbye

“Goodnight,” Amanda calls out to him, speaking for the first time since Francine has come into the room as she watches him leave, seeing his eyes darting towards hers from the doorway for a final time before Francine closes the door on him.


Service Above & Beyond Graphic

I’ve been busy working on making vids for the past month with quite a few sitting waiting for final touches before they’re posted, but this afternoon I sat down and made some graphics.  This is one of them.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Haunted by the Fear Inside

Return of an Old Favourite

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’m really happy to see that You Tube have finally lifted the restriction on my Die Another Day SMK video (one of my personal favourites of the vids I’ve made, even if it is a little old) and that it’s now able to play!  It’s certainly been a very long time since it was viewable.

Favourite Amanda Looking After Lee Moment – The Eyes Have It

At last – a new instalment in my Favourites series :).

With the case to find the missing lenses still very much at the forefront of his mind, the last thing on Lee’s mind is having to rest.  This, however, is precisely what Amanda wants him to do and after seeing his agitation while on the phone to someone – no doubt brought on by the fact that he isn’t functioning at his best – Amanda decides enough is enough.

Concern for You

“You know you really have to get some rest,” she tells him.

“Not now, Amanda.”  He really isn’t prepared to stop, determined to just carry on with what he’s doing.  After all, he’s got to get hold of those missing lenses as soon as he can and he doesn’t have time to take a nap.

Reluctant Yes now Plea

Amanda isn’t about to take no for an answer and her rather emphatic “Yes, now!” shows just how determined she is.


Although Lee does put up some initial resistance to the idea it doesn’t really take long for her to steer him gently in the direction of his bedroom, all the while telling him that that’s where he belongs.  He’s almost dead on his feet so he really is in no position to argue the point, although he does continue to make mutterings all the way into the bedroom.

Amanda doesn’t just see him into his room and just shut the door behind him either. She’s on her own little mission and she’s not going to give him the chance to derail her.

Walking Wounded  Drink

She’s determined to make absolutely certain he does get some rest and that he gets on the bed to lie down – not to mention takes the pills that have been brought from the hospital.

Bedside Bluebell

Lee, having allowed Amanda to give him his medicine (which he only pretends to take) asks her if she’s satisfied that he’s done everything she’s asked and when she tells him that she is as she reaches out to stroke his forehead, hoping that it will help him relax and go to sleep.  It’s a gesture which Lee himself appears to have no objection to whatsoever – in fact, he willingly receives her attentions without any complaint at all.


This sweet and peaceful moment between them is killed the instant Francine walks in,  however, causing Amanda to pull her hand away from Lee. “My my, isn’t this cosy,” she remarks, a knowing smile on her face as she surveys the pair.

A Moment Lost

“Oh please, Francine, not now!” Lee rebukes, not in the mood for any of her little quips.

Unsettling Discovery

There follows a fluffy of activity as they discuss the case and what steps to take next – that is until Amanda worryingly discovers that Lee hasn’t actually been prescribed any medicine!

Who Gave You those pills


The fact that he didn’t take the pills is greeted with much relief and a promise from Francine to go and get them analysed and let them know if she finds anything further out.

Implore  I have loads to do icon

With Francine having left, Amanda is back to her original agenda.  “Going to get some sleep now? she asks him, hopeful that he will do so.

“Amanda, I’ve got a….Look, I appreciate everything you are doing but I do not need to be mothered okay?”  He doesn’t want to seem ungrateful, but he really needs to do something about the case and lying in bed isn’t going to get any of it done.


Amanda looks down at him and duly accepts what he says.  If he’s that determined then she can’t stop him.  “Okay,” she says in resignation.  “I understand.  I’ll just go over these files and leave you alone.”

When she actually makes a move to get up and leave he reaches out to restrain her.

Reach for You

“No!” He doesn’t want her to go. He likes her being there and having her look after him, however much he might protest. Not that he’s going to do that anymore – not if it means that she’s going to leave him by himself.  “Stay for a minute, huh?” he asks hopefully.

Watch over You

She doesn’t take much coaxing; in fact, she can’t help but smile in response. “Yeah I’ll sit with you for a minute,” she replies, putting his mind at rest.

The Angel At My Bedside

As Lee begins to relax a little, his fingers absently rubbing against her hand that sits in his, Amanda’s eyes turn to the photograph of Lee’s parents by his bedside.  “Your parents huh?”

A Memory Shared


“Mom and dad.  Did I ever tell you that my mother was British?” When she tells him he did he continues on.  “Dad was in army intelligence.  They met when the NATO pact was signed in ’49.” Memories cloud his face in remembrance of the child he was when they died before he finally, as if making peace with the memory, closes his eyes to sleep.

A Tender Heart

“Try to get some sleep,” Amanda tells him as she watches him finally succumb to sleep under her touch.  She sits there for a minute more before she stands to leave.  “I’ll be right outside if you need anything.”


As she reaches the door of his bedroom she turns to look at him, reaffirming the fact that she isn’t far away if he needs her, before quietly leaving the room.


Lee & Amanda: Relationship Progression Notes – There Goes the Neighbourhood (Pt5)


Later, with Lee having reassured himself that the coast is clear, he and Amanda set off to search the Bodine house.  It’s not the first time that Amanda has accompanied Lee on a break-in, although on that occasion they were letting themselves into an impersonal Post Office to find a parcel rather than breaking into somebody’s actual home.

Having got into the house, as they come through the french windows, Amanda’s first instinct is to shine her torch around the room to see if she can spot anything.  However this only earns her a whispered hiss from Lee to keep her light down, even as his hand reaches out to push it downwards.  The last thing they need is for someone noticing an unexplained light in a supposedly empty house!  The gloom of the darkened room and the whole fact of what they are doing certainly doesn’t make Amanda feel particularly comfortable!


“This gives me the creeps,” she whispers.

“This way,” Lee announces, having done a quick scan of the room and decided on where they should head first.  Amanda doesn’t question it and merely follows in his wake; after all, she is sure he knows what he’s doing being the experienced spy that he is. What’s more she’s going to stay as close to him as possible!

Staying Close

“We’re looking for letters, diaries, phone numbers, anything unusual,” he tells her, although as he turns to find her right behind him – and far too close for his liking – he decides on another track.  “I’ll check upstairs.”

He’s not about to have her follow him so when she asks him what she should do he tells her to just check around.  That should keep her occupied and to his mind she’ll be perfectly safe downstairs on her own, especially as they’re the only ones in the house let alone awake!


Reluctantly, Amanda watches Lee head for the stairs.  She’d much rather go with him but if he wants her to check the downstairs then that’s what she’s going to have to do. But where to start?


She flashes her torch around and spots a closed door.  Perhaps she should check to see what’s behind it?  Stealthily she creeps towards it and even though she knows there’s no one at home she gives the door a brief knock before tentatively entering.


It leads her into the bathroom – the surfaces strewn with a whole host of beauty products and, upon closer inspection, a rather blackened hairdryer.  She picks it up thoughtfully and gives it a sniff.  It smells as though it’s burnt out.

Noises in the Darkness

As she puts it down she hears the sudden startled sound of a cat.  She really isn’t comfortable with the situation and decides it’s high time to try and find Lee.  Surely he isn’t far away?  When she calls out to him, however, she gets no response.  Maybe he didn’t hear her? Venturing back into the main room she hears another noise – this time seeming slightly more ominous as though glass has been broken – and in the eerie gloom she calls out nervously to Lee again.  Fear starts to swell; something is definitely not right!  The worst thing is that there seems to be absolutely no sign of Lee.

What Lies in Wait

Keeping a wary eye out and more than a little unnerved she heads towards the kitchen, not quite knowing where she should start looking for Lee, when suddenly she feels something seize her leg.  She lets out a scream, utterly terrified, although as she sharply spins about and peers down she sees Frank Bodine lying on the floor!

When all is wrong

His very presence in the house is a shock to her.  He isn’t supposed to here at all but rather staying with Harriet and her husband for the night!  That was the whole reason why they came to check the house for clues!

“Oh! Mr Bodine!” she cries, instinctively crouching down to help him, only to find the horrifying sight of blood on her hands from a wound Frank has received after obviously being attacked.  Had it happened while she was in the other room? Is that what those noises she heard were linked to?

The Assailant in the Shadows

When she looks up after hearing the back door open behind her she finds herself confronted by a masked figure lurking menacingly in the doorway.  Alone with only a dying man in her arms, she has no way of defending herself, no weapon to use if this person should try to attack her too so she does the only thing she can – she screams at the top of her voice for Lee, praying this time that he will hear her, a move which mercifully sends the intruder running.  “Lee, they’re getting away!”

Call out to me

From the garden Lee hears Amanda’s stark cry of warning.  His first reaction is to get to her as quickly as possible; he has no idea whether she’s in danger.  He slows, however, his instincts anticipating something, reaching for his gun to protect himself as he moves towards the house.


The sound of a car’s engine and then, in the next second, a van coming crashing through the garage doors forces him to abandon trying to fire at the speeding vehicle when it heads straight for him. He can do nothing else but run as fast as he can to try and escape the van which seems hellbent on hitting him.


Desperate to avoid being struck he throws himself out of its path into the shrubbery, although in the next moment, with the van having ground to a halt, someone bears over him seemingly intent on finishing him off.


Quickly reacting, he narrowly avoids being staked by a pink flamingo. He kick outs and knocks his assailant off his feet, taking advantage of the fact by scrambling to his feet and reaching for the nearest weapon to hand – another plastic flamingo!


He has little time to dwell on the suitability of such a weapon; the bad guy is quick to continue his attack upon him, giving Lee little option but to fight back as best he can. Flamingos clash, no longer ornaments of the garden but potentially deadly weapons.

Left for Deadnew

It is only when the van once more comes back to try and mow Lee down that he is compelled to leap aside while his assailant gets into the van before driving off into the night.

When Danger Passes

Left alone his mind switches back to Amanda.  Is she all right?  He hasn’t heard anything more from her since he heard her scream out to him.  Retrieving his gun from the ground where he dropped it earlier, he bolts for the house not knowing what to expect.

To Wherever you are

What he finds is Amanda, seemingly and mercifully unharmed, sitting on the kitchen floor with Frank Bodine cradled in her lap.

He rushes over to her and crouches down beside her.  What was supposed to be a simple break-in to find some evidence has now yielded something far more than he originally bargained for – a dying man who, even though he is beginning to fade as the life ebbs from him, has only one thing he needs to say.

As Death Stalks Suburbia

“Hairdryer.” Frank Bodine murmurs as he draws his last breath and dies.

Look to You

In absolute silence Amanda and Lee turn to each other.  Betty Bodine spoke about hairdryers before being found dead and now it seems that her husband has gone exactly the same way….

Lee & Amanda: Relationship Progression Notes – There Goes the Neighbourhood (Pt4)


With all their guests having departed, Lee and Amanda are left to wait for an opportunity to search the Bodine house in the hopes of finding any clues as to why Betty Bodine was targeted.  Sitting alone in the living room Amanda realises that Lee is going to need her help, although when he pops his head around the bathroom door, having heard her speaking her thoughts aloud, she quickly covers it and asks for his thoughts on her taking the job as a Connie Beth representative.  Lee thinks this is actually a great idea – after all, she’ll have access to every house in the neighbourhood!

“Yeah, I’ll have the blisters to prove it too,” she responds before turning her attentions to more immediate matters.

Just two people

She has already had to call Dotty more than once to say she’s running late and she’s adamant that she’s not going to do it again.  After all, how long can a rummage sale go on for?  She can see the time ticking away and would rather get on with the search they need to do rather than wait any longer.

Going to Bed

However, any idea of leaving any time soon seems scuppered by Lee emerging from the bathroom casually unbuttoning his shirt and getting ready to go to bed. She really doesn’t need to hear that he is going to take a nap. After all, surely they can go and do their searching now?  Frank Bodine isn’t home, having gone to the Rosemonts for the night so the house is completely empty.

When Opinions Collide

“I don’t want anyone up to watch us break in,” Lee responds, making it all sound perfectly feasible that they should wait until gone three in the morning until they take any action.  He is, after all, the agent. “Now, are you coming?”  he continues, gesturing towards the stairs.


Amanda can’t believe what she’s hearing.  “No!” she cries, horrified that if Lee has his way she will end up spending almost the entire night with him – and that’s something she certainly hasn’t accounted for!  The fact that she will feel like she’s lying and cheating cuts no ice with Lee however.  In fact he couldn’t be less understanding of her situation.


“No!” She has to try and make him understand how she feels.  This is, after all, all new to her.  She hasn’t had to pretend to be married before, much less wait until the coast is supposedly clear with a handsome spy whose inviting her to get some rest in the same bed as him!


And what about Dean?


If she stays here she will feel guilty and even though she knows nothing is going to happen it doesn’t stop her feeling as though she’s having a thing, although when she finds herself trying to explain this to Lee he merely looks at her with a somewhat indulgent smile.

Charmed in progress

“A thing?”  he repeats softly, knowing precisely what she’s talking about even if she hasn’t used the word “affair”


“Yes,” Amanda clarifies, attempting to emphasise her point in order to fully drive it home to him.  “You know. A thing.”

Like an affair

For the briefest moment he looks at her with a smile before, in the next moment, cutting any thought of such an idea to the quick. “Well you’re not,” he informs her briskly before proceeding to get back to the matter at hand.

He really needs to get his mind back on the case.  After all, this really shouldn’t be any different to any other assignment he’s had with a female agent in the past although there’s no getting away from the fact that it is – however hard he tries to gloss over the fact.  That doesn’t stop him from carrying on as if they haven’t just had the conversation they have though. “Now, do you like a window open at night?”  It seems like a perfectly reasonable question in his mind.

Boyfriend in the Background

Has he actually been listening to what she’s been trying to say to him?  She has to think about Dean even if he won’t.  “I have to consider Dean,” she tells him, trying to put her point across as succinctly as she can.  Surely she can get him to understand how all this might look?  She has a boyfriend and here she is standing in front of an open-shirted Lee who thinks it’s perfectly reasonable to expect her to spend what will end up being virtually the whole night in his company.  She knew she would be posing as his wife for this assignment but staying with him until the wee hours of the morning was not something she envisaged.

“Ok.  How does he feel about windows?” Lee replies unhelpfully to her words.


Amanda is losing patience fast.  It seems that there’s no way she’s going to be able to make him understand how she feels about all this.  But Lee has his own ideas of what he understands and it doesn’t include worrying about what Dean might or might not think.


Nothing Between Us-new

She can only but agree that the situation between them is indeed business and having established that Lee continues on, telling her that they both need to get some rest to be able to do their job properly and if that means one of them getting the bed and the other the couch then he really doesn’t care!  “You tend to get killed less often that way,” he concludes.

Lessons in Espionage

And that’s the end of the matter as far as he’s concerned.  He’s said his piece and now he’s going to bed.

The Burning Question

“Who gets the bed?” Amanda calls after him as she watches him make his way up the stairs, already knowing the answer.

Senior Agent Always Gets the Bed

If they are going to go down the route of one of them getting the bed and one of them the couch, for Lee there is only one response.  Amanda merely responds with a knowing sideways look.


Lee turns to head up to bed alone as Amanda rolls her eyes irritably and marches back into the living room to sit out the time until they can go and break into the Bodine house.

That Friday Feeling…

This is one of my old GIFs but I saw it in my files this morning and it made me smile so I thought I’d share it here.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.  I shall be spending mine vidding and sorting out blog posts and graphics in amongst spending time with my husband and son 🙂