2nd Batch of Ship of Spies Icons

After a few weeks being busy with vidding for SMK, I’m back with a new offering and continuing the theme with these new icons based on the (albeit fake) marriage between Lee and Amanda in Ship of Spies :):)

Have a fantastic week everyone!

Wedding1  Wedding4  Wedding2  Wedding30

Wedding29  Wedding15  Wedding14  Wedding31

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Wedding20  Wedding19  Wedding18  Wedding12

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Wedding32  Wedding16

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Favourite Moment of Awkwardness: Affair at Bromfield Hall

Amanda has it all mapped out in her head – Lady Bromfield is behind the murder and when Lee asks her why she thinks it’s Lady B she tells him it’s a feeling: she doesn’t think that Lady B loves her husband.

Look to you  Smile

When Lee tries to derail her line of thinking and deny it, she tells him exactly what she thinks: “Lee, it’s just something about the way she looks at him. There’s nothing in her face when she looks at him. She just doesn’t look like she loves him. There’s nothing in her eyes and they never touch each other. Have you seen them hold hands or seen him put his arm around her?”

Then, as if to really put her point across in a more physical way, she reaches out to touch Lee.

When the heart finds its voice-new

“You know, people who care about each other, they want to be close to each other and they…ahh…”

A Dawning Awareness

By this point Amanda realises that she’s stroking Lee’s hands and Lee is very much aware of the fact.


Her embarrassment is tangible and she looks decidedly awkward as she removes her hands from his and looks out onto the river to avoid his eye.

The wonderful thing about this is that her analysis of Lord and Lady Bromfield’s relationship is the polar opposite of hers and Lee’s.

People who want to be close to each other

She and Lee very much, by her own reasoning, represent two people who care about each other. They hold hands, he puts his arm around her, they want to be near each other (even though half the time they are in denial of it). And I think it dawns on them both at exactly the same moment.  Although neither is willing to admit it out loud, Amanda certainly realises it because she sees what she’s doing and falters before adding, “She doesn’t touch him.”

Feel  TouchLee

Neither of them knows quite what to say next, although it is Lee who manages to find his voice and tell her that she really does have some interesting theories.

Fascinating Theories

Amanda laughs and, in an attempt to move on from the moment of awkwardness between them, mentions the fact that they ought to get going – to which Lee willingly agrees.


Yet what is the first thing that Lee does as they walk away? He puts his arm around her! It’s something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Amanda – which in turn makes him hastily drop his arm from around her.

Letting Go

It seems that Amanda’s analysis is true: people who care about each other do naturally want to be close to each other – whether they are willing to admit it or not.

Favourite Cover Kiss: Ship of Spies

I have always loved this episode so it is no surprise that this kiss ranks as my best cover kiss.

It’s a ceremony which neither Lee or Amanda thought they would have to go through and Lee’s face in particular, as he stands in front of the priest, shows his discomfort at what is about to unfold. Amanda, herself looking a little nervous, more than once glances out of the corner of her eye at Lee, perhaps wondering if he will suddenly decide not go through with the wedding after all.

When You Are All I See

And yet, Lee does intend to go through with the marriage and after finally getting his act together and finding the ring, he turns to face Amanda to recite his vows and put the said ring on her finger, his eyes holding hers as he does so.

Unexpected Invitation

However, he does look slightly thrown by the priest announcing that he can kiss the bride. Reciting his vows is one thing, but having to actually kiss Amanda takes it to a far more personal and intimate level.  There again, they need to keep their cover authentic.

Silent Encouragement

And so, looking at Amanda as she (along with the priest) waits in silent anticipation of what is to come, Lee moves to carefully lift the veil from her face.

Leaves you breathless

They are both hesitant in that brief moment before, both fully aware of the other.  As Amanda gives him an encouraging smile he gives her an answering one of his own before he moves closer, both of them anticipating the moment that their lips will meet.

If it was meant to be a quick peck on the lips, over and done with in a matter of seconds, it certainly doesn’t turn out that way as they lose themselves in the other, surrendering to the moment between them.  One kiss becomes two, neither willing to let what they are each feeling slip away too soon.

Surrender to the Moment

One Kiss

They both look almost shocked – as though they have both been run through with a bolt of lightning – as they pull apart to look at each other. Like the kiss in Sudden Death, it is a moment of revelation, a tantalizing taste of what they could be together.  Neither really expects to feel anything and yet their expressions very clearly testify that they do.

When the Heart Speaks

For that all too brief moment as they study the other with a kind of awe, it is as though they are the only two people there – everyone else has just melted away.  It’s just Lee and Amanda.

As Fantasy Weaves its Silken Web

And then, just as quickly, reality chases the silence away and they are back to normal again.


The world fizzes into life around them and they resume their covers of newlyweds as they walk back down the aisle to get a drink (which it seems Lee in particular is in need of!).

And, because I really couldn’t resist doing it, here’s a little gif of their kiss 🙂


Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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A Little GIF(t) for Wednesday

Well, we’ve got to the middle of the week and I have had this waiting to go so thought I would post it today.  After all, there’s nothing like a sexy, good looking spy to make the day (which is pretty dull and cloudy here) brighter 🙂


You may remember the wording from this graphic below, posted in my Relationship Notes.

Super Sexy Spy

Favourite Heart-Wrenching Moment: Burn Out

Although it is painful to watch and its impact never really seems to lessen every time I watch it, I feel that the scene where Lee slaps Amanda is probably one of the most powerful moments in the entire four seasons.  It takes SMK out of its comfort zone – albeit briefly – and confronts us with the realisation that Lee could – and in this case does – slap Amanda.  If you look, you can see him glance at Jack Harris as though he’s making sure he’s taking the whole scene in, only, in the next moment, to get too carried away with his cover and slap her. Amanda’s horror and absolute hurt are palpable, just as Lee’s own shock is. They are both left completely devastated by his actions. From the remorse on his face, I don’t think it was Lee’s actual intention to actually slap her as he did – and certainly not so forcefully. He started out by patting her face (although quite firmly when you look at it) as if he were trying to emphasise his frustration of having time on his hands for Jack’s benefit.

Gone too far copy

Error of Judgement

Realising the magnitude of  what he has done, Lee immediately apologises, reaching out to Amanda automatically, desperate to connect with her again, his hands resting on her arms, but Amanda is far too hurt and upset to be receptive to such a gesture.  She clearly doesn’t want to be near him.  Her “You can move your hand” shows just how little she wants any physical contact with him.

When she walks away Lee runs after her – his thoughts no doubt centred on the fact that he could ruin everything with her because of his behaviour.  He stands to lose so much and I think that alone propels him to the door Amanda is heading towards, needing to stop her before she’s gone.  His “No! No!” is pretty desperate and anguished.

When All Seems Broken

“It’s all right.  It didn’t hurt,” Amanda tells him rather too calmly, trying to brush it all aside and probably just wishing to get out of there and not go into it all.

“I hit you.”  Lee’s self-loathing is very marked.  It’s as though he still can’t believe he could actually do such a thing to her, yet he is also still having to play his cover which makes everything all the more difficult.  He certainly can’t apologise the way he probably wishes to – at least not while they are being watched by Jack Harris – lest he gives himself away completely.  So he presses on, even though his words are hardly any comfort, trying to make it plain to Amanda that she should stay well clear of him. “You’ve just got to stay away from me.  You’ve seen what I’ve been like lately, what I’m going through.  I’m poison at the Agency.”

“I was only trying to help you.”

“Then let me make it easier for you.  Just don’t help!”  The words are harsh and uncompromising and he must know that they will add to the sense of devastation she’s already feeling. He certainly doesn’t hang around long enough to find out because he turns away to stumble back to the bar and Jack Harris.


Perhaps knowing exactly what emotions will be etched on her face, Lee doesn’t even look back as he goes.  He can’t afford to if he is to continue with his cover.  He leaves Amanda alone and utterly bereft; her eyes reflecting the pain she feels. When she raises her head to follow his progress to the bar, you can see the sadness and disbelief that haunt her.  Yet she doesn’t try to go after him or speak to him again – he’s, after all, made it perfectly clear that she should keep her distance.  Instead, she makes a bid to compose herself a little before heading out of the door.

Turn Away

Silent Anguish

At this point, they seem to be more distant than they ever have been.  Even though we know that Lee is acting out a cover, at this point in time we have no real idea that Amanda has (or will very shortly) begun to figure it out for herself.  After all, he may have a temper sometimes and has, on occasion, hurt her with his words, but he has never done something like that to her before.