Castle Graphics

I haven’t made many, but when I got my dvds I did start making a few for this series, mainly from the first episode.  It is something I will probably return to again in the future, but in the meantime, here are the few I made.


Study StayHere Ouch Kiss2

Endings Beckett8 Beckett7 Beckett6

Beckett4 Beckett3 Beckett2 Walk

think stealth2 SecretstoTell2Icon Magic

Feel Your Pain Defeated Blood Don'tMove

Close CastleBlack&White1 Castle3 Castle1

Castle2 Beckett9




Wallpapers: Part Five – Season Four

Yes, I’m doing two posts today as I have been quite productive lately 🙂

There are days when ideas come thick and fast and I just want to run with them.  Yesterday was one such day as far as making some new wallpapers was concerned.  I was still thinking about the Saved by the Bells wallpaper when I got the idea for the Billy\Lee Stemwinder wall.  Of course, this is a point in the Stemwinder episode where Lee wonders if Billy has betrayed him – especially with the arrival of Dr Smythe out of the blue – and I wanted to see if I could showcase that.  Hence “Betrayal of Trust” was born.


I then moved on to a wallpaper concerning Lee’s discovery that his father had met his mother in exactly the same way as he had met Amanda.  I have always loved that little parallel in their story so it seemed only right to do a graphic for it.

Like Father, Like Son

For the Nightrcrawler graphic the romantic in me returned to one of my favourite scenes in the episode where Lee and Amanda are reunited once more.  I love the fact that Lee will stop at nothing to rescue Amanda from Birol, his love for her driving him to do everything in his power to reach her.

The Power of Love

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Sarah  xx

Exploring Friendship: My New Video and a Wallpaper

I found a really great quote the other day concerning friendship and I have used it at the start of my latest video celebrating Lee and Amanda’s friendship over the years.

While the video was rendering I suddenly had the idea for a new Wallpaper using the same quote and, as sometimes happens, the graphic itself came together really quickly.  My first thought for the wall was Saved by the Bells and the scene where Lee commits treason to get Amanda back.  He showed how he felt by his actions and he didn’t hesitate in ensuring he got Amanda home safely, even if it meant doing a trade that his own government had vetoed.

So here they are:

My latest video:

My wallpaper:

The language of friendship copy.png